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Welcome to My "Bea Lothrop Artistry" Web Site

My artistic career started at age five making mud 'pies', baking them in the sun and painting them pistachio green with stones and shells as embellishments! This was Mexico in the 50's -- steeped in color from the indigenous Indian textile hues; the painter Orozco's earth and jewel tone murals; Luis Barragan's clean lines and vivid color architecture; hot colors of Acapulco 's Pacific coast tropical flowers, birds and fish and the European influence of broad perspectives in building boulevards and glorious cathedrals that ignited my imagination for the rest of my life.

Two lifetimes passed as I followed a career in advertising in New York City followed by a career in the healing arts of Massage therapy and Healing Touch on the East End of Long Island. When not "working", I was developing my artistic skills in photography, ceramics, wool hooking, dyeing textiles and finally weaving with glass seed beads, which turned out to be my most satisfying passion.

Inspired to move to Western North Carolina in 2013, I landed in Weaverville where I have established my "Bees Crossing Studio". Here, I work on beading unique jewelry with glass seed beads. I participate in Weaverville's Art Safari twice a year and other venues.

When not creating, I am caring for "The Girls" (honeybee hives) on my hilltop and eradicating grass in as much land as I can manage, to establish as large a pollinator garden of flowers, shrubs and trees for our Native bees, butterflies and hummingbirds...as well as for "The Girls", of course!


 Tri-color , light and dark gold metallic and maroon- lustered glass beads  make up a mesmerizing 'Twisted Herrinbone Stitch' necklace 27 inches long.  The gold plated toggle clasp is mounted on brushed gold end caps.

BUT....When I finished the hollow rope, I felt something was missing! 

Inspiration struck.....I remembered an Art Deco earring set gifted to me by my friend Martin from a thrift store for pets in Tom's River, New Jersey and Voila!....a perfect color and theme match.

Then I designed a matching bracelet with the other earring thus repurposing the beautiful enameled clip earrings.

  • $300


Golden Grains

This necklace and bracelet  were inspired by the pattern of the comb built by my Honeybees and filled with honey.  Just luscious golden warmth!

I wove them with triangular glass seed beads which spiral with the help of tiny golden seed beads.

$ 85.00

India Chartreuse

Entwined in Love

Two double, cranberry/gold, herringbone woven chains entwined together presenting a bold necklace. The end caps are also hand woven. The clasp is magnetized 24K gold plated Sterling Silver with a safety catch.

$ 225

Entwined in Love

Honey Magic Pins (each)

Each 'Sunflower' contains hundreds of Japanese seed beads and a honeybee charm.

The pins vary in gold and brown color patterns sparkling in the light and type of honeybee charm.

​Brooch diameter: 2 Inches

They can be used as pins on your vest, coat or blouse or they can be attached to a chain or beaded necklace to hang over your heart.

Honey Magic Pins (each)

Turquoise Dream - Necklace

This necklace reminds me of American Indian designs and colors. The unique mottled turquoise colored Japanese seed beads are trully a special find. Bands of opaque translucent grey and true grey seed beads make the turquoise color stand out beautifully.

  • Sterling Silver Flower Design Clasp
Turquoise Dream - Necklace

"Whipped Cream"

This is a simple 'twisted herringbone' rope necklace. with a gold plated toggle closure.

The matte tan, cream and off white glass seed beads give a wonderful feeling of tradition for evening wear or a contemporary feel for casual wear.

$ 48

Protection & Happiness


Glittering black Japanese triangle seed beads with tiny gold glass seed beads are woven to provide a lively twisting pattern.  Wear this incredibly smooth ,snakeskin-feel, woven  necklace day or night

Length: 22 inches long. Pewter end caps and silver plated toggle clasp.


Twisted Herringbone Necklaces

I so enjoy weaving 'twisted Herringbone' stitch ropes in a variety of colors. They are made up of four strands of round glass beads woven together to form a spiral. The three featured represent to me the Christmas season; the greens of Summer; and Lilac/silver for Spring. The circumference of each rope is approximately 24 to 25 inches. Around your neck they hang to approximately mid chest. Easy to put on over your head without a need for a clasp. Wear them with a suit or with jeans for fun!

Twisted Herringbone Necklaces


The design for this necklace evolved when I was experimenting with the idea of making interconnecting 'fans' joined by glass 'drop' beads.

​This collar is 18" long providing for a loose drape around your neck covering your collar bone softly.  

A bracelet and swinging earrings naturally evolved for a feeling of 'completed' artistry!

​The magnetic tube clasp is gold plated.

$ 150


Triad Necklace

This is a twisted Herringbone pattern necklace includes three 'gold sparkling' green glass beads for an everyday style. The gold and green glittering glass beads remind me of ancient Mediterranean jewelry colors.

A 25 inch circumference allows the necklace to drape to chest level. It easily fits over your head so no clasp is required.

Triad Necklace

St. Petersburg Cobalt Lariat

"St. Petersburg" is a well known seed bead pattern design....a long central backbone of larger beads flanked by feather-like fringes of smaller delicate glass beads.  The length and individual fringe designs makes each "Lariat" a delight to work with and to wear in many different ways.

$ 135

See options below

Crystal Crossings

'Waterfall' Scarf

"Sea Green Waterfall"is 'netted' necklace following a pattern for ancient Japanese fishing nets. Each individual strand is connected every two inches to another strand and is comprised of  Miyuki cylinder glass Delica beads interspersed with larger translucent glass seed beads.  The long free standing fringes include small glass seed beads interspersed with Swarovski crystals and clear crystal pressed Czech glass drops. 

 There are a variety of ways to wear these draping necklaces. One option is like a knotted scarf. Another, is to simply drape the netted scarf around your neck allowing each side to show the netting and attaching the edge of each side with a unique brooch from your collection.

Another version, Which I call "Cranberry Fields" is pictured below showing alternative ways of wearing this "scarf" and close-up's of the beads

Netted Cranberry Scarf

Greenways Rainbow Trio

This set of necklace, bracelet and earrings is made with Toho Peridot Green-Gold Lined and Gold seed beads.

The necklace is a choker with peridot glass tear drops in each swag; the clasp a gold plated sterling slider. The post earrings and bracelet with a "tree of life" button closure complement the necklace.

Greenways Rainbow Trio

'Spring Leafing'

This tubular herringbone woven rope necklace with graduated green glass beads reminded me of fresh Spring emerging leaves which made me feel happy weaving.   So, I added a focal piece....a single leaf symbolizing happiness dangling from a Peyote woven wrap.

The closure is a sterling silver gold plated toggle.

$ 138

Spring & Fall Leaves

Dragon Pearls

Vintage "Faux" glass teardrop pearls connected with golden seed beads and green turquoise beads.

The striking sterling silver clasp inlaid with carved jade makes a statement worn as a side of the necklace instead of at the back of the neck.

Dragon Pearls

"Fire Tulips"

Reminding me of various Art Deco designs, this twisted 'herringbone' rope necklace ends in two tulip flower-like focal points fringed in tiny gold glass beads. The striking contrast of ruby red and matte black glass seed beads lends this 24 inch necklace a sense of power.  A toggle clasp attaches the delicately latticed vermeil caps.

"Fire Tulips"

'Purple Dragon'

I have decided there is as many shades of 'purple' as there are stars in the sky! I found this out when I was requested to design a "purple" necklace for a friend. I decided to Google 'purple flowers'...! That did not help. So I played with my seed beads until I came up with a combination that spoke "purple to me". Halfway through the 'Twisted, Odd Count, Peyote' stitch tube weaving I suddenly felt  the need to add a focal point design which reminded me of American Indian Peyote beading. What fun to weave on the 'run'! 

My friend got a different purple creations mine.

The filigree end caps and toggle closure of this 22 inch tube necklace is made of Bali Silver.

​These are made with Delica beads and Japanese seed beads.

'Purple Dragon'